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Pet Insurance What To Look For.

When choosing pet insurance for your pet that last thing you want to happen is to pay premiums diligently for years and then have the insurer wriggle out when you have a claim.

Bellingen Veterinary Hospital is not an insurance broker and as such can not reccommend any specific insurer. However we can bring your attention to issues we consider important to look for when choosing an insurer. In our experience in the Bellingen area we would suggest you consider -

  • Tick paralysis treatment- make sure you have unlimited coverage as some insurers have a $500 limit.
  • Lifetime treatment - some insurers will only cover you for 12 months from the time of diagnosis. Consider having to treat your dog with insulin for 8 years for diabetes.
  • Prescription food & Nutraceuticals cover - many companies will not cover this at all.
  • Dentistry - many policies will not cover dental work, even if it involved dental trauma from a car accident!
  • Old age - most policies require you to have your pet insured before they are 7 years old before they will continue thier insurance into their later years. But beware as some will not insure the elderly at all.
  • Third party liability - if your pet causes damage you may be liable.
  • Vet connection - some companies deal primarily with pet insurance rather than being an "add on". These companies are generally easier to deal with if you have to make a claim, possibly because as they understand the vet industry a little better.

And if you need any help filling out forms or with anything else, please don't hesitate to call 02 6655 1098 or drop in to us at Bellingen Veterinary Hospital.


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