New Flea & Tick Monthly Chew

The age of the topical flea and tick control might be ending, with the introduction of the first oral flea and tick product to hit the market - NEXGARD.

Merial, who revolutionalised flea control in 1995, with the introduction of Frontline Spray to the market. And I can tell you it was an amazing product compared the old toxic washes, powders and collars that were almost as likely to kill your pet as the fleas and ticks.

Well it's 20 years later now, and the Bellingen pet owners are struggling to control fleas with the "old products". Enter Nexgard - the first oral flea and tick control agent to hit the market. Sure Comfortis has been about for a while, but its safety profile and lack of flea control always meant it was going to be a stop gap product IMO. Nexgard eliminates the problem with needing 2 products, of worrying about swimming (because you don't wash your dog do you?), variations in skin physiology (dry or greasy skin), and the occasional skin reactions you might encounter with the topicals.

At the Bellingen Veterinary Hospital we actively encourage the use of Nexgard, as we feel it will go a long way to eliminating fleas from your pet and protecting them from tick paralysis. If you need any more information go to the NEXGARD website, or come in for a chat with one of us.