CATS ==> $276

DOGS ==> $340

Rather than waiting until your pet's teeth are really bad and require extensive dental therapy including surgery and extractions that may run into $1000's, we are offering early intervention scale & polishes for your pet.

By getting in early and controlling plaque and tartar build up, we can prevent severe peridontal disease and prolong your pet's health and happiness. We are charging these flat, low fees because we want you to do the best thing and keep your pet’s teeth healthy each year.

Those that do will find their pet living a longer, happier and pain free life – plus you won’t have to put up with “dog breath”!

A painful reality

After the age of three years, most cats and dogs require a thorough scale and polish to keep their teeth healthy each year. Sadly, virtually none of them receive this cheap and effective treatment that prevents pain and infection. Can you believe that almost 80% of pets over the age of three have sore gums and teeth? (Want to read more?)

One the main reasons for this is cost. A basic scale and polish in a lot of clinics can cost anywhere up to $500! The result of this is that the dental cleaning is put off and then forgotten about for a year or two, by which time the decay has advanced and now your pet has sore teeth, gum infection and needs extractions - a totally avoidable outcome.

The happy, healthy approach

At Bellingen Veterinary Hospital we think differently.

By receiving a preventative tooth cleaning (called a "prophy") each year, your pet is far less likely to develop problems at all. We know from human research that people with rotten teeth die younger. The same applies to pets.

So it is not an exaggeration to say that you are potentially adding years to your pet’s life by cleaning its teeth.

What’s included in the $276/340 fee?

  1. Full veterinary preoperative check over.
  2. Admission and discharge appointments.
  3. General anesthetic.
  4. Professional scaling to remove tartar.
  5. Charting of the mouth to look for tooth decay and mouth cancers.
  6. Polishing of the teeth so the teeth are gleaming.
  7. Advice on homecare to keep that smile sparkling.

Recommended optional extras

Intravenous Fluid Therapy

We recommend I/V fluid therapy for all pets having a general anaesthetic, as it is the best way to maintain blood pressure and circulation to the patient's organs during anaesthesia. It is the most cost effective way to reduce your pet's risk of anaesthetic complications.

Preoperative wellness blood test

We recommend a preoperative blood screen for all pets having a procedure to screen for problems like kidney disease, which can go undetected and cause problems during and after an anaesthetic. A blood test is a quick easy and inexpensive way of improving the safety for your pet, and it’s a great way of picking up problems early.

What’s not included?

If we find problems then the costs associated with extracting bad teeth are charged at the normal rate. We will always call and advise you if any additional work is discovered.

If your pet has any other problems then regular pricing will be charged for this work.

Is my pet eligible?

All pets are potentially eligible, here are our criteria:

1. Your pet must have no worse than grade 1 dental disease – this means tartar or early gingivitis. If your pet has more significant problems then our regular charges will apply.

2. Your pet must be otherwise fit and healthy. If your pet has other problems that might affect the anaesthetic then the vet will decide if this program is suitable.

If your pet is not eligible, the most likely reason is that it has got worse dental disease than a scale and polish will fix. If this is the case then our vets will advise you on the best course of action and provide you with an estimate of costs.

Book a free dental assessment

You can book a free dental assessment for your pet with our vets at any time. During this visit, the vet will assess the teeth and, if any dental work is required, they will also check that your pet's heart and lungs are OK for an anaesthetic. If there any other problems that you’d like to get checked out at this stage then we would be delighted to help, but a regular consultation fee will apply.

Flip the lip today!

So there’s only one last thing to do if you want to keep your pet fit, healthy and avoid smelly pet breath. Simply flip the lip and take a sniff, if it smells bad, the teeth are brown or the gums are bright red, then there’s a problem. Give a call on 02 6655 1098 to fix it today.

Want one of our team to call you back to talk this through a little more?

Too easy! Simply drop (via the website links) us your name, the name of pet and the best telephone number to reach you and we’ll give you a call back. You do not have to be a registered client to receive this benefit.