Diode laser surgery involves concentrating the light energy from our Gbox laser unit into a 400um optical fibre, creating a very high energy source capable of vapourising tissue. This compares to the more diffuse 30mm diameter (75 times larger) therapy hand piece that delivers a gentle beam of light to stimulate the body's own anlagesic and recovery properties.

Diode laser surgery provides a handy alternative to traditional surgery for many procedures. The features of laser surgery are:-

  • minimal pain during the procedure allowing it to be performed under sedation with or with out local anaesthesia
  • excellent haemorrhage control
  • precise cutting and often no suturing or ligating required
  • minimal post-op discomfort, pain or swelling
  • excellent healing rates
  • unparalleled access in tight spots e.g. aural polyp removal

It does not eliminate the need for normal surgery, but it does provide much greater flexibility in treatment options. For example, your elderly dog may have some annoying but not life threatening skin tumours, which you would like removed but don't want the risk or cost associated with a general anaesthetic. In my experience these can usually be removed under sedation, and usually cost about half of what a traditional approach would be.

So if you would like a free assessment of your pet's suitability for laser surgery please call 02 66551098 an make an appointment, or ask to speak to Mark Crane BVSc (although I can be very busy and hard to get through to).