Blue Fluff For Sale


Well I have botched my bedding order big time !! When we first moved to the new vet hospital in 2006 I bought a roll of the very best pet bedding I could find. In 2014, 8 years later, some of that bedding was getting a little tired, so it was time to reorder. Pretty simple concept, except this time I bought 1.33 rolls as we wanted to try the new non-slip bedding and it wouldn't hurt to have a little more anyway.
Problem .... the rolls have changed size from 5 metres to 15 metres long ! Instead of 5 metres we need to fit out all our cages, we ended up with 20 metres. So we have used as much as we need, and still have lots left over. Some clients have already bought a few metres, but we would like to sell the rest rather than storing it for the next 8 years.
It is priced at ~$80/metre.
It is blue.
It is heavy duty professional grade.
It is chew resistant.
Although it is soft and fluffy, it is durable and hard wearing.
Moisture e.g. urine goes through it to underneath keeping your pet dry.
It is machine washable.
And it is 1.6 metres wide.
We can cut it into smaller pieces if you like and it would cost less of course.