A Practical Guide Visiting the Vet.

Until advised otherwise, we are Open As Normal. Well as Normal as we can be!!

However here are some guidelines to help both humans and animals stay safe and healthy - from the Dept of Health & subject to change.

If your pet needs veterinary attention (including vaccinations and routine checks) AND:

You haven't been overseas within the last 14 days or in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case AND
You’re NOT experiencing symptoms of FEVER AND RESPIRATORY DISEASE
AND you don't need or wish to self-isolate. 

Then it is busines as usual pretty much   .... EXCEPT please:

Please phone us for advice, to book in or book online. We will make a plan in line with social distancing recommendations, and keep waiting times to a minimum.

Please wait in your car when you arrive for your appointment.

Please phone us from your car on arrival, and we will determine the best way to welcome you into the clinic when we are ready to see your pet or come to the car to bing your pet in ourselves.

OR We may organise a home visit and see your pet in your yard away from you.

Limit the number of people presenting your pet to just one owner.  - so 1 vet or nurse + 1 owner per consult room. *

Avoid crowding the waiting room by waiting outside if it is busy. - maximum of 5 people at a time. *

Limiting the normal happy banter at recption to make space for others.

Avoid any physical human contact in the practice and keep 1.5 metres away from other humans.

Avoid touching too many surfaces like bench tops, walls, etc - we will be wiping down "common surfaces' regularly. 

And remember that your lead, cage or pet can act as a fomite - so limit contact if touched by another person and wipe them down as appropriate. COVID-19 may survive in the environment from a few hours to several days according to conditions.

* Based on the govt. directive to allow 4 sq m per person in any room where there is a "gathering".

If your pet needs veterinary attention (including vaccinations and routine checks) AND:

You have been overseas within the last 14 days or in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case OR
You’re experiencing symptoms of FEVER AND RESPIRATORY DISEASE
or you need or wish to self-isolate  ==> Don't ignore your pet's needs just call us!

Please advise us when you book and be sure to wear a mask, and gloves if appropriate.

If you require prescription medicine repeats or food, worming and tick/flea control, please phone ahead to order in advance so we can arrange to have them ready for you without the need to wait.

We are working hard to ensure we can continue to provide complete veterinary care for you and your pet in these taxing times.

We are also working on more strategies to offer more in-home services to our clients who may be at risk and worried about leaving their home at this time. This will include house calls for vaccinations, consults, food and medication deliveries, patient pick up and drop off for day procedures.

We are also intending to launch a mild "telemedicine" service to help screen those pets that need to come in from those that don't. We will keep this simple so everyone doesn't have to download more programs or apps. Ideally sending MMS or email photos or videos along with a phone chat. This will be chargable as we will need to tie up a vet to oversee this, however if you have to come in this charge will be credited back against a clinic consult (so you don't pay twice).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. This situation is rapidly evolving, and we will provide updates as required.

Finally please ensure we have either your email address or mobile number (ideally both) to ensure we have an easy means of keeping you updated.