Pet Insurance Why You Need It.

At the Bellingen Veterinary Hospital we are really passionate about pet insurance and this is why. What we do as vets is really expensive to do and it means we have to charge a lot to cover the costs of providing that service. Now I actually hate talking money when you come in with your pet and it is sick. For example paralysis tick treatment can cost between $600 and $4500, a snake bite can cost from $1000- $5000, a ruputured cruciate ligament can cost from $1500-$5000, etc.

Now it is well known that when you go to the vet, one of your biggest concerns is how big is the bill going to be. It can cost a bomb.

Yet did you know the average profitability of vet practices in Australia is only 8%.

Sadly vets have the highest suicide rate of any profession, and this is linked to the pressure to fix people's pets while not charging them a lot, hence vets often don’t get the time away they need to cope with the pressure, because they can’t afford to.

The reason for the high cost to you is the massive overheads in running a facility like this.

We actually hate having to charge people a lot of money, and we feel bad, but the reality is that we have to, in order to provide a great service for people AND have a life as well.

The long and the short of it is, it just costs a bomb to provide a vet service, and unfortunately that means, that because there isn’t any Medicare for pets, you wear the entire bill when your pet needs veterinary service.

Pet insurance takes the awkward issue of money out of the equation, and then we can just get on with what is the best possible treatment course for your pet. There are a lot of insurance policies on the market, which can make it confusing. Perhaps start with one of these two that many of our clients have. We also want to point out that we don’t get anything out of you taking this policy; we just get to provide the best possible options for your pet if it requires it, and insurance takes the financial side out of the equation.

Now statistically you won’t take this policy out until after you have spent $1000. Those are the stats in Australia. Most people mean to take it out, but just don’t get around to it, because it means making a decision.

However, if you think this all makes sense, what we recommend is taking the policy out right now. Go to one of these websites - or while you are on line.

If you would like to do your own research, then the Canstar website is an excellent place to start.

Or come into the Bellingen Veterinary Hospital and the girls will give you a hand to fill it out. It doesn’t cost anything for the 4 week free trial period. If you decide to change your mind or want to use another company, simply call and cancel the policy. Worst case scenario is you have 4 weeks free cover. You can also pay for it monthly via direct debit from your credit card so you are not tied into any long term contracts. 

But PLEASE, take pet insurance out. We just think people who don’t are nuts, but then again we get to see how much things cost every day.

Call 02 6655 1098 or come in and see us now at the Bellingen Veterinary Hospital.

When choosing pet insurance for your pet that last thing you want to happen is to pay premiums diligently for years and then have the insurer wriggle out when you have a claim.

Bellingen Veterinary Hospital is not an insurance broker and as such can not recommend any specific insurer. However we can bring your attention to issues we consider important to look for when choosing an insurer. In our experience in the Bellingen area we would suggest you consider -

  • Tick paralysis treatment- make sure you have unlimited coverage as some insurers have a $500 limit.
  • Lifetime treatment - some insurers will only cover you for 12 months from the time of diagnosis. Consider having to treat your dog with insulin for 8 years for diabetes.
  • Prescription food & Nutraceuticals cover - many companies will not cover this at all.
  • Dentistry - many policies will not cover dental work, even if it involved dental trauma from a car accident!
  • Old age - most policies require you to have your pet insured before they are 7 years old before they will continue thier insurance into their later years. But be aware that some will not insure the elderly at all.
  • Third party liability - if your pet causes damage you may be liable.
  • Vet connection - some companies deal primarily with pet insurance rather than being an "add on". These companies are generally easier to deal with if you have to make a claim, possibly because as they understand the vet industry a little better.